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Monday, April 1, 2013

Back To The Garden:

We constructed a fence using fence stakes and chicken wire. Used a staple gun to put the chicken wire on. I painted the fence red using spray paint.

I had collected enough pallets to make 5 raised beds. I painted them white using an outdoor non toxic paint on the outsides and some inside where the dirt would not touch.

I went to Lowe's and purchased 16 foot boards that were 10 inches in width. I had them cut them each into 4 pieces to make the remaining boxes and painted them as well. My son built all the boxes.

Dirt was the big deal. I bought over 102 bags of topsoil, compost and manure. I found the best deal at Walmart. Always ask an employee about discount or damaged bags. This was very beneficial. I have to say, it was back breaking work loading and unloading those bags and then cutting each one open and putting into the boxes. Sore backs and hot Epsom salt baths may be in your future.

A little garden help and a chance to let the kids get very dirty. My girls enjoyed helping plant the seedlings but really enjoyed spreading the hay in the isles. I put down black paper to start before the boxes went in. The hay ensures that weeds won't grow inside and we won't have to mow or pull weeds.

There you have it, a garden. Took a lot longer than I had expected and was more costly than I had ever imagined but, My husband surprised me on Easter morning with a beautiful 21.5 gigantic pressure caner to can all my reward. All my homesteading dreams will eventually come true.